Honeywell Zone valve: the new norm for PCV valves

Honeywell Zone valve: the new norm for PCV valves

Honeywell zones are designed to improve PCV valve life by limiting the amount of carbon dioxide that escapes.

They’re designed to prevent the release of CO2 gas into the atmosphere and reduce the risk of PCV developing mold, mold growth and other problems.

The EPA is also recommending they be used on the valve that runs on hot water.

The valve that’s normally installed in a water pump is not required to meet the requirements of the EPA’s guidelines for use on PCV.

The new standard comes with a caveat: The EPA does not recommend the use of a Honeywell zone.

According to the EPA, when used properly, a PCV can provide the “essential features needed to protect human health, the environment and the environment’s future.”

The EPA says PCV should not be used for hot water or in a cold climate.


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