How to fix valve problems in a tractor

How to fix valve problems in a tractor

In order to repair valve problems you need to know the proper torque values and the best way to apply them to the valve.

The easiest way to check torque values is to check the valve position by turning the valve while standing still and looking at the valve from above or from below.

If the valve does not move when you turn it then you may be dealing with a problem with the valve or a defective valve.

However, if the valve movement is fast, then the problem may be caused by the valve moving with little or no torque and you may not be able to diagnose the problem.

So you will need to check these values.

If you want to know how to check a valve, check out our article How to Fix Valve Problems in a Tractor.

To check torque value of a valve read the following: To check a pressure in a valve look at the pressure indicator in the lower left corner.

In the case of a differential valve, the pressure in the indicator is red while the pressure at the base of the valve is yellow.

The pressure indicator on a differential-type valve will also show the distance between the valves.

The distance will vary depending on the type of valve, but it is generally around 6-8 mm.

If a pressure indicator shows red, the valve has been too strong and is causing a pressure differential.

If this is the case, you can tighten the valve and see the difference between the red and yellow indicator.

If it is the other way around, the position of the indicator will change and the valve will be in the correct torque range.

If your valve is in the torque range of 6-12 mm, you should be able tell the difference and adjust the valve accordingly.

If there is no difference, then it is likely the valve was not damaged enough and should be replaced.

For more information on valve torque, you may want to read our article Valves with Differential Tension article.


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