How to keep an airlock clean in your cabin

How to keep an airlock clean in your cabin

Cleaning an air lock in your aircraft is simple, but the airlock can become a hazard as it is filled with bacteria.

If you are in a cabin, airlock will become the main target.

If your cabin is in an area that is regularly sprayed with germicide, it can become an airborne hazard.

But you can do your bit by cleaning the air lock when you have time.

Here are the key steps to keep airlocks clean: Remove the cover on the top of the airtight door and place the lid back on.

Make sure that the door is secured firmly with a locking strap or barrette.

Place a clean towel or towel of any type under the lid.

Use a damp cloth to wipe down the front of the lid, the top, or the sides of the door.

Wash the air inside the door with soap and water and place it in a clean container.

If the door has a top seal, use the air valve on the side of the unit that is closest to the door to fill it.

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