Man in hospital after valve prolapses

Man in hospital after valve prolapses

Man in intensive care after valve inlays was prolapsed article A man in intensive treatment after valve inserts in his legs was discharged at the end of last week after a successful surgery.

The man, a 20-year-old Romanian, suffered serious internal injuries and was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit of the Medical Centre of Bucharest, the regional hospital for the city of Buchovice said on Tuesday.

The patient had suffered from the valve inserts and was placed in intensive hospital for an examination, said the medical centre.

He was later transferred to a unit for internal treatment, the hospital added.

The medical centre said that the man has been transferred to intensive care for further examination and treatment.

The incident occurred on Sunday morning when the patient, who was wearing a helmet, had the valve insert inserted in his left leg.

The surgery to repair the valve is not new, as it is not a common procedure in the country, but the patient had been in intensive surgery previously.

The hospital said that it was working to confirm the circumstances surrounding the incident.

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