The Kohler shower and water supply valve is back!

The Kohler shower and water supply valve is back!

The Kohlers shower and shower valves were used in the Kohler bath and shower units for decades.

They are still in use today.

The valve is one of the first valves used in water systems and was designed to reduce the flow of water by stopping the flow in the bath and washing down the drain.

The Kohler valve has two chambers.

One chamber is connected to the main water supply line and the other chamber is a water purification system.

The main water line connects the Kohlers main water system to the water purifying system.

The Kohls main water lines are often used for washing, bathing and changing clothes.

The Kohlers valve can also be used to stop water from entering the main bath water line, which normally flows from the main supply line to the washing machine.

The valves are controlled via an internal timer.

It can be triggered by the washing process to purify water or it can be manually activated by a user.

The timer is on the water line.

The valve can be activated manually by pulling a knob or by a switch on the valve cover.

The unit comes with a standard rubberised rubber cover, and can be fitted with a metal sleeve, which makes the valve easier to remove and install.

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