The most popular, least expensive irrigation valves in the UK

The most popular, least expensive irrigation valves in the UK

The number of UK-made irrigation valves has risen to 4,937, the most since 2009, according to a new report.

The figures, published by the Institute of Water Technologies (IWT), show the number of irrigation valves made in Britain has risen by 6.2 per cent since 2009.

The total number of pumps, valves and sprinklers made in the country has also risen by more than 12 per cent to 4.7 million, compared to 4 million pumps, sprinklers and pumps in 2009.

There are now 6,700 UK-built irrigation valves, with more than 2,000 in the capital London alone.

In a recent report, the IWT said that demand for UK-manufactured water treatment equipment had increased dramatically, with the number being increased by 6,000 since 2009 as a result of the introduction of drip irrigation.

But the report found that there were concerns over the quality of water being treated in some cases.IWT chief executive, David Kelly, said the new figures were a significant milestone for the sector.

“The introduction of UK water treatment systems is the biggest single-year increase in irrigation system volume since the introduction in 1999, and the growth has been underpinned by the demand for these systems,” he said.

“Our new report shows that water treatment is still in demand, with a growing demand for water treatment devices, and a growing need for quality and durability, with UK-owned equipment accounting for the bulk of these systems.”

However, the report also highlights the challenges we face in finding a suitable supplier for the UK water industry.

“Mr Kelly said there were many factors in the supply chain for the water treatment industry, including the high cost of imported water treatment components.”

As a result, we are finding that UK-produced water treatment supplies are increasingly difficult to find and we need to invest in the quality and availability of UK supplies to meet growing demand,” he added.


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