The Ultimate Guide to Valve’s Mask Replacement Kits

The Ultimate Guide to Valve’s Mask Replacement Kits

By the end of this year, Valve will have introduced two new masks for its SteamOS and SteamOS 2 gaming systems.

But the company hasn’t announced pricing, nor will it give details about when we’ll be able to get our hands on them.

Instead, Valve has revealed a new set of masks that we may see soon.

The masks will be available for $15 each and come with a valve stem cap and valve stem valve stem.

The valve stem caps, Valve claims, are the most flexible and the most stable of the masks, so they’re ideal for use in gaming or similar scenarios.

The Valve masks are made of “high-quality, ultra-soft, high-density foam,” Valve explains.

These are foam masks that Valve claims will “tangle easily with the valve stem.”

Valve says the valve stems are also “capable of holding up to a 2,000-hour rating.”

The masks come with “special protective gaskets” that Valve says are “capably protecting against contaminants,” so they’ll work “in conjunction with the existing Valve mask” for “the best possible protection.”

They’re “capacitive” so they “won’t damage your hardware,” so you’ll “no longer need to remove the valve mask from your hardware.”

The Valve mask kits, however, won’t be available until the end.

That means if you’re looking to replace your valve mask this holiday season, you may have to wait until next year.

The masks are available in three sizes: Standard, Standard and Extended.

The Extended version, Valve says, “fits larger heads, including a 3.5-inch (8.6cm) headset.”

The Extended version of the Valve mask is also “designed to provide a more comfortable fit and provide a better seal.”

Valve promises that this mask will “provide superior comfort and feel in a larger size.”

It’s unclear if Valve will be offering a Valve mask in a more traditional design.

It’s not the first time Valve has tried to bring a new mask design to market with new masks.

Last year, the company launched a new face mask design that uses foam and a valve cap, but Valve said that the mask “has not been approved for use by consumers and will not be available to Valve or other OEMs.”

For more on Valve’s mask replacement kits, check out our coverage from CES 2017.


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