When is ‘tweeting’ not trolling?

When people tweet, it’s not trolling, a senior lawyer and advocate for online privacy said.

This is what makes the tweet “trolly”.

“If someone is tweeting, it doesn’t mean they’re trying to troll.

What it means is the content was not intended to be seen by a particular group.

So, it isn’t trolling,” said Sangeeta Sangeet.

The lawyer, who was appointed as the government’s Special Advisor for Cybercrime Prevention and Protection of Digital Goods (SCDPG) last year, said that people should be aware of the dangers of social media in general.

“We must make it clear that this is a new age and there is a very high possibility of abuse on social media.

And when we see a lot of abuse online, we have to take action.

And it’s very important that we do,” she added.

A group of women is demanding the Twitter hashtag #tweetout.

The group has been campaigning for years to force Twitter to take measures against the abuse that they say is being directed at them on the platform.

“I have not been a fan of Twitter.

I have been on Twitter for 10 years, but I am very angry at the abuse.

Twitter is not doing anything about it.

They are not taking action, and this is the biggest abuse that I have seen,” one of the women, Sangeen, told Firstpost.

In November this year, Twitter launched an inquiry into complaints of abuse and harassment on the service by users.

Twitter had also started to investigate complaints of users who were being targeted in different ways on Twitter.

In October this year the company announced a new initiative, called “tweeted out”, to ensure that people don’t get harassed by Twitter.

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