How the shower valve works

How the shower valve works

A man in Georgia discovered a defective shower valve when he was cleaning his home, leading to his death.

The state Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) says that this valve, known as a “shower outlet,” can cause serious breathing problems for people who work in hot environments.

In a news release, DHHS says that a man in Virginia found the valve and a small piece of metal in his shower head, which caused the valve to be disconnected.

The employee told investigators that he thought it was a small screw and that he plugged the valve in the wall to replace the small screw that holds the shower head in place.

The employee also told investigators he was not sure why the valve wasn’t connected to a standard shower outlet, so he decided to test the water.

When he did so, he found that the valve did not connect to the shower outlet.

He later told investigators his wife, who works in an office building, told him that he could no longer open the shower.

The agency says that the employee contacted the local utility company to notify them that the water was leaking.

The company called the utility, and the valve was replaced with a replacement.

The DHHS news release says that DHHS is investigating the incident.


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