Milwaukee’s new water system: How it works

Milwaukee’s new water system: How it works

By MARVIN C. BROWN, Associated PressWASHINGTON (AP) Milwaukee’s water system is being tested to ensure it meets federal safety standards.

But Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett says the city is not using the new system because of concerns over the potential for an algae bloom in the system.

A new report from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission found that Milwaukee’s current system has not been designed to handle an algae problem.

The Milwaukee system, the latest in a string of major cities to replace aging pipes and pumps, is a hybrid of a traditional water-use system and a water-efficiency system.

The Milwaukee Water Utility says it has tested more than 1,200 systems across the city, and that most systems have met safety standards, including one that failed a water quality test after more than a year.

Barrett says the problem has arisen because Milwaukee is using a single system, which has led to a shortage of water for residents.

He says it is the only water-using system in the city that has failed a federal safety inspection.

The water-saving technology used in Milwaukee’s system is called a liquid-fueled fuel cell.

The process converts hydrogen to oxygen, and the hydrogen and oxygen are combined in a high-pressure turbine.

The EPA says the process can reduce the use of hydrogen fuel by up to 40 percent compared with traditional fuel cell systems.

The city says the system is safe and that the EPA hasn’t found any problems with the technology.

The new system has been tested to show that it meets U.S. safety standards and meets federal standards.

The state and the EPA said they are still working to determine how Milwaukee’s problems are connected.

The city is working to get a new water utility license and is using federal grants to purchase a new fuel cell system.


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