PCV valves for poppet pumps &p valve hose

PCV valves for poppet pumps &p valve hose

The Indian Air Force (IAF) has ordered two types of PCV valve for the poppets of its fighter jets, which were recently upgraded with an advanced Poppet Valve System (PoVSS).

The PCV Valve System, or PCV-S for short, was developed by Indian Aerospace Research Organisation (IAROC) for the IAF, which was inducted into the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) in April this year.

The Poppets are equipped with a Poppett Valve System and a Poppy Gas System.

The Poppetts are capable of dispensing water and other liquids through a wide range of channels, with different size, pressure and temperature.

The main purpose of the PoppET-S is to make the air in the Poppy System flow smoothly.

The system also has an integrated thermal control system to ensure the safe operation of the system.

In its official notice issued by the DRDO, the IAAF has said that it has been informed about the Poppa System and that the IASA has been in consultation with the Air Force to determine the availability of a Poppa Valve System for the P-11P aircraft.

The IAF has also ordered two of the PCV systems and two of its Poppete Valve System(PoPV) for use in the F-16 fighter jet, said the notice.

The P-10 and P-14 fighter jets of the IFA have already received the new Poppetry Valve System.

The PML-N government is expected to introduce a Bill this week to make use of the technology in the Indian Airforce.


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