Supercharger controller sold to China

Supercharger controller sold to China

Valve has sold the control board used to deliver Superchargers to China. 

The controller, which has a built-in power supply, is used by Valve to control SuperchargER-enabled cars.

The controller was sold to a Chinese supplier and has been refurbished to the highest standards to comply with the Chinese safety regulations, according to Valve. 

The controller is expected to be installed in the upcoming Q4 2015 update to SuperchargERS, Valve said in a blog post. 

A post on January 29, 2017, listed the controller as a model number and said it had been “installed in the Supercharg-enabled car in question.”

 “In the future, when Valve brings the controller to market, we will be sure to make it available to the public, so the world can benefit from a truly state-of-the-art controller,” Valve wrote. 

Last year, Valve announced a partnership with the China-based automotive manufacturer Nanjing Automobile Group (NAMG) to bring SuperchargING cars to the Chinese market.

The partnership is expected start in 2020 and the first batch of 100 vehicles are expected to arrive in 2021. 

At the time, Valve also announced that it would use a Chinese Supercharging partner, China-owned Xiamen Automobile Co.  In a separate post on March 9, 2017 , Valve said it was in discussions with Xiameng Motor Co. to provide Superchargering cars to customers in China.


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