Tesla’s diaphragmatic valve replacement is a “major milestone” for its valve replacement program

Tesla’s diaphragmatic valve replacement is a “major milestone” for its valve replacement program

The company announced Wednesday that it has replaced nearly half of the valve heads in its new line of cars, replacing the valve actuators that keep air in the car from flowing out.

Tesla says the new valve actuator replacement program is the largest in the company’s history, and will result in the replacement of about 10 percent of the valves in all of its vehicles.

Tesla said it is aiming to have all of the new valves replaced by the end of 2020.

The new valve replacement project was launched in March after Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, said the company needed to have a valve replacement plan in place for its vehicles before the company would be able to make a new car.

The company plans to make about 100 new cars a year in 2021, and is also looking to have 1,000 cars a month of the vehicles it is building to replace the defective valves in the coming years.

In October, Tesla’s chief executive officer, JB Straubel, said Tesla was planning to make at least 1,600 cars a day in 2021 and had begun manufacturing new valves for its upcoming Model 3 and Model X cars.

Tesla announced Wednesday it had replaced nearly 80 percent of its valves since its unveiling of its new valve replacements in March.

The announcement came as Tesla announced a $1.2 billion investment in its Fremont, California, factory to build new batteries for its Model 3 electric cars.

The Fremont plant is the second of its kind in the world, following a $4 billion investment by a Japanese firm in Japan in 2017.


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