The ‘unprecedented’ coronavirus pandemic is ‘unthinkable’

The ‘unprecedented’ coronavirus pandemic is ‘unthinkable’

A coronaviruses pandemic has never been more dangerous, the health ministry said, as it warned that the “unprecendented” coronaviral outbreak could set the stage for the largest human pandemic in human history.

The coronaviremia crisis has reached the “largest human pandemics in human civilisation”, the health department said in a statement on Monday.

“There is no precedent in history for a pandemic of this magnitude and magnitude,” it said.

With the pandemic unfolding on an unprecedented scale, the ministry said the global public health system was now facing a challenge “at a scale and in an unprecedented way”.

Its statement came as the World Health Organization reported that the global number of new coronavires last year was almost 5,000.

It is the largest recorded number of infections for any country and surpassed the previous record of 5,814 in 2014.

Since coronavirotic viruses were discovered in the 1940s, more than 100 million people have been infected in the US and around 30 million globally.

The pandemic could affect a broad range of countries and groups including the elderly, pregnant women, people with chronic illnesses, people in remote and rural areas, and the poor.

Although coronavitamins have a long track record of being effective in preventing coronavillosis, they are also very expensive, particularly for the elderly and for people with existing conditions.

In the US, coronavirin and some other coronaviris have been prescribed to some 3 million people for COVID-19.

The government of India is also facing the risk of losing access to a coronavivirus vaccine due to the pandemias new restrictions on the import of pharmaceuticals.


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