Brays new valve index reviewed: ‘We’re looking forward to the future’

Brays new valve index reviewed: ‘We’re looking forward to the future’

Updated May 30, 2018 12:37:06 A new version of the Brays Braysky valve index is being rolled out this week, following the introduction of a new version for 2016.

The index, which is designed to be used to identify the best-performing valves in a range of applications, is now available on the ValveIndex website.

The new index includes data from all valves in the Bray brand’s range, including their price, performance and availability in a wide range of application scenarios.

The company has previously introduced the Bracks valve index to evaluate valve quality in the automotive industry, but it is not currently being used in the industry.

The valve index has also been used by some other manufacturers, including Ford, Honda, Nissan, Toyota, and Volkswagen.

A version of this index is also available in the US, as well as in Australia, Brazil, and Germany.

Brays CEO Brian Brackley said in a statement: “The new valve and compression valve index makes it easier for consumers to compare brands’ performance in the field.”

We have always made our valve index available to all of our customers so they can quickly find the best quality and lowest price valves in their chosen application.

“The new version includes new performance metrics and an easier way to compare valve performance in real-time.”

The Brays index has a number of features including: 1) A new feature that lets you compare valves in different applications; 2) New performance metrics; 3) an easier-to-use interface, which makes it easy to compare a brand’s performance in different fields; and 4) the ability to compare price, availability, and performance of the same brand in different market conditions.

Brains valve index features the following new features: Brand Price, Availability, and Performance Brand Price $1,100 Price Lowest Price Highest Price Average Price Standard Pressure (SP) $1.25 to $2.50 Standard Pressure and Pressure (PP) $2 to $5 High Pressure (Hp) $3.00 to $4.00 High Pressure and High Pressure Range (Hr) $5.00 Standard Pressure Range $5 to $12 Pressure Range: 4 to 10 Standard Pressure Limit (SPL) $20 to $60 Standard Pressure Limits: 20 to 60 psi Standard Pressure range: 10 to 30 psi Valve Indexes are available on a range to suit every application, ranging from car and truck to aerospace, aviation, and pharmaceutical.

There are also a few other brands and products in the index.

In 2016, Brays made the first release of its new index to the US.

It’s also available on and Google Drive.

The full list of brands is available in a full list on the company’s website.

In addition to the new valve, Bray also announced a new brand called Brays-Voltage.

The brand is similar to Brays’ own valve index, with a lower price point and similar performance metrics.

In a statement, Brackleys vice president of brand communications and public relations, Ben Waddell, said: “We have an open, transparent, and collaborative approach to brand marketing.

We’ve been using the same set of metrics for years and look forward to adding this new feature to our brand portfolio.”


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