How to save on your water bill

How to save on your water bill

As a result, the government has now introduced legislation to limit the use of bottled water in homes.

In some states, such as Victoria, bottled water is now sold in stores, but not in supermarkets.

The bill also seeks to limit people’s access to bottled water, requiring that customers pay a $15 “per tap” surcharge, and require water suppliers to put in place a system to test the purity of their water.

Under the government’s proposals, water companies would be required to put on a public website detailing their water quality, as well as a website for consumers to contact the water company if they have concerns.

The Australian Water and Wastewater Association has also raised concerns about the new laws, with spokesperson Mark Gervais arguing they would encourage people to drink bottled water.

“The Government’s intention is to limit consumer choice by requiring water suppliers not to put their water in store or to sell bottled water to consumers,” Mr Gervasis said.

“This will not result in any meaningful improvement in the quality of the water that Australians drink, as bottled water contains a wide range of harmful contaminants that are found in tap water.”

Mr Gervsasis also said there was an increased risk of drinking contaminated water from other sources, such a a landfill or a factory.

“We’ve had a lot of reports of contaminated water coming from these sources,” he said.

In a statement to ABC News, the Water Minister, Greg Hunt, said the legislation would “reduce the risks of drinking water contaminated with contaminants such as lead and mercury”.

“Our government has taken action to reduce the risks from water contaminated by contaminants including lead, mercury and arsenic, and we are ensuring our public health is protected,” he wrote.

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