How to use this tool

How to use this tool

By using this tool you can see what percentage of the total cost you’ll be charged for your plan, including taxes, premiums and other charges.

The tool shows the percentage of total cost that will be paid by each household, based on the size of your family.

To view the tool, go to the Plan Comparison tool in your MyCar tab.

Then click “Get Started” under “View” and then select “View Calculator.”

You’ll see a number of options and a small calculator.

The “Apply” button will take you to the calculation.

The calculator will tell you the total amount of money you’ll pay, the total price of your plan and the total subsidy you’ll receive.

Then, it will give you an estimate of how much of your subsidy will be refunded if you do not enroll in your plan.

When you click “Submit,” you’ll see the calculator for each of your plans.

Click “Apply,” and you’ll select the amount you want to apply toward your payment.

Your plan’s cost will be shown and you will be able to see the actual amount you’ll actually pay.

Your savings for 2018 are:Car insurance rates: $1,959 ($10 off)Insurance benefits: $16,945 ($10 on top of the $1 million premium)Annual deductible: $3,859 ($2,958)Annually payment: $5,906 ($5.5% of $1M)Premium payment: -$2,542 ($2% of premium)The cost of your 2018 plan will be listed below the line that reads, “Amounts may change without notice.”

To view the 2018 rates and benefits, click “View Car Insurance.”

You can also view the total annual premium and deductible.

You can also select to receive monthly or quarterly reports.


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