Irish hospital shuts down due to flu scare

Irish hospital shuts down due to flu scare

Hospitals in the Republic of Ireland are running short of medication, and it’s because they’ve been inundated with patients.

Dublin’s Public Health Service says it’s overwhelmed with emergency calls due to the flu, with emergency services in most areas reporting a shortage of medication.

Emergency services in the city of Dublin say they have been overwhelmed with calls due a flu pandemic, with the emergency services’ chief executive confirming that there’s a shortage.

Emergency chief executive Marie-Louise Riddle said the city’s health service has been overwhelmed and it has had to shut down some of its services.

She said that a large number of people have called in to the emergency department seeking assistance with their flu symptoms, and some patients have been taken to hospital.

Ms Riddle, who is the first Irish-born head of the country’s Public Services Regulatory Authority, said she’s working with the health service to find ways to get more medication for patients, as well as find a way to get supplies and staff back to work.

She explained that in the last two days, there has been a lot of patients seeking treatment at the Royal Dublin Hospital.

She says there’s been a shortage in pharmaceuticals that can be used in patients with flu, and that the number of prescriptions issued to patients with the flu has been too high.

She also said that the hospital’s emergency department is in a “state of emergency”, and that patients can’t be seen there unless they’re in the emergency unit.

Ms Mearns said that it’s a situation that the Irish Health Service (IHS) is working to resolve.

She stressed that the IHS has been very supportive of the public service in dealing with the shortage, and has provided medication for the hospital.IHS is in the process of meeting with the medical officer of health (MOH) and the Dublin City Council to determine how it can provide more medication, she added.

The IHS also said it was working with hospitals to ensure that supplies are provided to patients.

The Irish Independent has contacted the Royal Hospitals of Ireland for comment.


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