Why your body can’t repair its damaged heart valves

Why your body can’t repair its damaged heart valves

A heart valve is the tiny valve at the bottom of the heart that is responsible for pumping blood around the body.

When a blood vessel ruptures or a blockage is found, the valve can’t keep up with the pressure and can’t close.

In some cases, it can’t even close properly because the blood supply to the valve has stopped.

In most cases, however, a repair takes a few days and the patient has to start again with a new heart valve.

Read more at: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-09-16/health-system-fundraiser-for-sick-heart-initiatives/6362873 A second type of heart valve that does not require surgery is a mitral.

It is the bigger valve that can be opened or closed by the body and is the most common type of valve in the body’s blood supply.

A third type of mitral is a mechanical heart valve which has to be opened manually.

The four types of mitrals are: 1) an aorto-ventricular valve 2) a mitra-ventral valve 3) a bicuspide valve 4) a ventricular tachycardic valve These valves are not only used for treatment of heart attacks and stroke, but also to prevent heart disease, stroke and heart failure.

The heart valves are usually placed in the heart with the valve in front of the ventricle, and a catheter is placed through the valve.

They are then placed in a special chest tube, which carries blood away from the heart to a special ventricles that take care of the blood.

The heart valve can be repaired, or removed if the valve becomes inflamed or blocked.

The valve can also be replaced with a mitrological valve, which replaces the mitral and replaces the valve with a mechanical valve.


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