I can’t eat meat anymore

I can’t eat meat anymore

I can never eat meat again.

I have never even tasted meat in my entire life.

I never went to college.

I am so sick of it.

I’ve been eating meat for a long time now, and it has always been a major source of guilt for me.

I can barely go outside.

I hate to be seen eating meat.

I know that I am disgusting.

But I don’t care.

I do not want to be called out for eating meat because I am ashamed.

And I do want people to know that we all can eat meat and still be healthy.

It is not an easy road.

The most important thing to me is that this issue is discussed.

I hope that it makes people think and think about how to better live healthier lives.

The more people know about how meat eating can actually help us, the healthier we all will be.

I want everyone to be aware of the health benefits of eating meat, and I hope this article inspires you to do the same.

I would also like to personally thank Michael Valva, my friend, for helping me get to this point.

He was very supportive of my story and helped me get out there and speak out.

I love you.


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