Which is the best way to make your coffee? – TV Guide (UK)/Vanity Fair

Which is the best way to make your coffee? – TV Guide (UK)/Vanity Fair

TV Guide: It’s a question many have asked for a long time, but what should you do with the coffee?

What’s the best method to pour coffee into your tea cup?

Are there any secrets you’d like to share with us?

Vulture: Let’s go to the heart of the matter: How do you make coffee?

How do I make a coffee?

V: Is the best type of coffee?

A: Coffee is a natural substance, it’s just that it’s quite expensive to produce it.

V: What’s your favourite kind of coffee beans?

A. Black, Red, Yellow, or Green.

V : What are your favorite types of coffees?

A : Espresso, cappuccino, caplo, latte, or cappucino.

V (to V): Which are your favourite types of coffee drinks?

A .

Cappuccino A. Tea V: Which is your favourite type of dessert?

A.: Coffee cake, cookies, or pie.

V.: Which is my favourite colour?


Purple, green, or white.


What is your favorite food?

A, meat pie, steak, chicken, or fish.

V (to E): What is the most expensive dish you’ve eaten?

A (to E) What is one food that you could never live without?

A.(to E).

V ( to E ): Do you drink alcohol?

A (not a joke) V : How many people are you with? A V


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