Sharkbite valve – the new Legend valve from Valve – is a ‘legend’ valve that can ‘be a shark’

Sharkbite valve – the new Legend valve from Valve – is a ‘legend’ valve that can ‘be a shark’

Valve has revealed the new sharkbite valve from its new Legend Valve.

This valve, with a shark motif on the base, can only be found in a certain game, but is a “legend” valve, and Valve has also revealed that the sharkbite theme will be used in all future Legend Valve products. 

The sharkbite is the first Valve valve we have seen to use the shark motif in a game, and is based on a “shark” design, as Valve has said it was inspired by the animal’s appearance.

It features an adjustable, “cage” design that is made of acrylic, and has two openings to allow air to flow in and out of the valve. 

We’ve seen a lot of valve designs in the past that are themed after animals, but Sharkbite Valve is one of the first that Valve has gone ahead with and used the shark theme to create a design that represents a shark in its natural habitat. 

Valve said it had “worked closely with the Sharkbite team” and was “pleased” to “see the positive reaction the design received”. 

It said the valve will be available for “soon”.


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